Rhythm 108 Biscuits


Hands down, best healthy biscuits I’ve ever had.

I mentioned these in my August monthly favourites post and for good reason. I was lucky enough to have won a competition and was sent four different bags of their incredible tea biscuits. For me, a biscuit needs crunch, it needs to be dunkable, and taste in no way healthy. These biscuits fit the bill precisely. I’ve followed several recipes to make biscuits at home and none have resulted in the crunchy texture I’ve been after.

The company only use whole-food ingredients, are organic, and are GMO-free. The biscuits themselves are vegan, gluten and dairy free, and contain no refined sugar. The bags the biscuits come in are even compostable, meaning they are also environmentally friendly. That’s a lot of good stuff for a humble little biscuit!!

As I said, I received four different flavours and I’ve demolished three huge packets already! My favourite flavour is a toss up between the almond biscotti flavour and the chocolate hazelnut flavour. The almond biscotti is a nice change from traditional biscuit flavours and I cannot get over the incredible marzipan flavour these biscuits have! I ate all of these in two days. And by two days, I mean the space of half an hour spread over two days. I couldn’t stop once I started! These I preferred to eat on their own rather than dunk in tea as they have a slightly bitter aftertaste when combined with tea, but were so delicious all the same.

My other favourite is the hazelnut chocolate flavour, and as I type, I’m drooling thinking about them. In fact I’m saying it, these are definitely my favourite. These have added chocolate chunks that literally melt in your mouth, and they taste just as good dunked as they do on their own. I made the mistake of letting Ross try one and then I found myself having to hide them so he wouldn’t eat any more! Me, selfish?!

The final two flavours were coconut macaroon coming into third place and finally, lemon and ginger flavour. Both still totally delicious, but not quite a special as the first two. I even found myself topping my overnight oats with a crumbled coconut macaroon biscuit (FYI, crumbled as a topping is the bees knees).

If you live locally, the Protein Pick n Mix shop on the Camden Road stocks all four flavours of these biscuits and at just £3.29 a bag, these are much more purse-friendly than any other healthy biscuit I’ve tried. No surprises as to which flavour I’m going to buy once I’ve finished my final bag…

Zoe x

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