Favourite Plant-Based YouTubers


Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows I am pretty obsessed with Deliciously Ella and her recipes. But believe it or not, there are times when I seek inspiration for meal ideas from other sources besides her recipes books, and this is where YouTube comes in. I did a post a while […]

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Talkin ‘Bout Nut Activation


If you didn’t sing the title of this blog post to ‘talkin bout my generation’ I’m not sure we can be friends… Okay, nut activation. Sounds like a workout in Men’s Health doesn’t it?! ‘Activate those nuts!!’ Sorry, just my childish humour. If you do much blog reading or recipe following, you’ll know there are […]

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Monthly Favourites: August


Christ almightly where has this year gone? I can’t believe we’re heading into autumn territory although can I be honest? I can’t wait for autumn now, the summer has barely shown it’s face and I’m sick of waiting for it. I can’t wait to dig out my long thick scarves, my favourite grey coat and […]

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Sunshine Smoothie Bowl


I don’t know if it’s the lovely sunshine we’ve had this weekend (or the fact I had a hoard of leftover fruit in the back of my freezer) that I decided to concoct a smoothie bowl where the main flavour wasn’t berries or cinnamon. I fancied something tropical, to compliment the sunshine and topped it […]

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Simple Swaps


How often have you sat there and just fancied something? And I am being specific when I say something, like: something to pick at, something sweet, just something. And this is where we can often fall into the trap of opening up the kitchen cupboard and scanning the shelves in hope of finding ‘something’. One […]

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