How To Create a Nourish Bowl


Nourish bowl, rainbow bowl, balance bowl, goddess bowl; there’s several names to describe this style of salad. If you live locally, I highly recommend visiting The Plant Base in Tunbridge Wells if you fancy trying a nourish bowl, and you can pick your own combinations to suit your tastes or mood. However, the purpose of […]

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Chunky Monkey Porridge


Oh what a combination! I was having a browse at this morning to see what’s new in the world of veganism (for those who don’t know, I’m not vegan or 100% plant-based, but I would say I follow a 80% plant-based diet) and I came across a post which said that Ben and Jerry’s […]

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Sunshine Smoothie Bowl


I don’t know if it’s the lovely sunshine we’ve had this weekend (or the fact I had a hoard of leftover fruit in the back of my freezer) that I decided to concoct a smoothie bowl where the main flavour wasn’t berries or cinnamon. I fancied something tropical, to compliment the sunshine and topped it […]

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Get Dippy With It

Sun-dried tomato hummus

I don’t know about you but I love a good dip. Whether it’s to dip some crudites or crackers, or to top off a nice salad with, I think they’re really versatile and can just be that added extra that can take something from being a bit plain to something more exciting. Particularly in this […]

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5 Ways With Aubergine


I’m sure there will be many people who don’t read further than this because they hate aubergines, but I absolutely love them and would actually say they are my favourite vegetable. They have so much flavour and can offer a perfect meaty texture to things like curries and stews. I even saw on Instagram recently […]

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