Moving to the Midlands


After a whole 5 years of living in Kent (3 of which were here in Tunbridge Wells) we are relocating to the Midlands. I have mixed feelings about this, mostly happy and excited because we’re heading back to where I’m from originally and I can see so much more of friends and family, but at […]

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Coconot so healthy?


Coconut-derived products seem to be deemed superfoods in the world of wellness. Everyone appears to be promoting it, from bloggers, to cookbooks, to Holland and Barretts dedicating an entire section to different brands and coconut products. Some bloggers even use coconut oil to ‘oil pull’ (a way to disinfect the mouth). But is it all […]

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How To Create a Nourish Bowl


Nourish bowl, rainbow bowl, balance bowl, goddess bowl; there’s several names to describe this style of salad. If you live locally, I highly recommend visiting The Plant Base in Tunbridge Wells if you fancy trying a nourish bowl, and you can pick your own combinations to suit your tastes or mood. However, the purpose of […]

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Rhythm 108 Biscuits


Hands down, best healthy biscuits I’ve ever had. I mentioned these in my August monthly favourites post and for good reason. I was lucky enough to have won a competition and was sent four different bags of their incredible tea biscuits. For me, a biscuit needs crunch, it needs to be dunkable, and taste in […]

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Chunky Monkey Porridge


Oh what a combination! I was having a browse at this morning to see what’s new in the world of veganism (for those who don’t know, I’m not vegan or 100% plant-based, but I would say I follow a 80% plant-based diet) and I came across a post which said that Ben and Jerry’s […]

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