One of the many cafes found on the Pantiles, this is our favourite. Not only because they have delicious food, but they also serve monmouth coffee which keeps Ross happy 😉 For me, I find it hard to believe the price you pay, given that the owner and chef Daniel Hatton has previously been awarded […]

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Monthly Favourites: July

avo and poached egg at Hattons

Ahhhhhh summer. It’s finally come around. The evenings are lighter, I can cycle without a jacket in the mornings aaaaand I get kept awake for hours with a phenomenal lightening storm. As amazing as it was for like 2 minutes, it made my night pretty sleepless and then I was tired for days! I’m one who […]

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How To Get Your 10 a Day


So we all know the ago-old advice is to get 5 a day in terms of fruit and veg, but recent studies have suggested that actually, we should be aiming for 10 portions of fruit and veg per day. A recent study by the Imperial College London have reported that the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer […]

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Waste Not Want Not


So we’ve all heard about household food wastage and how so much food is being thrown away, which is bad for both the environment and our purse strings. I make it my mission to try to use up all the little things that are going out of date so that we can spend less on […]

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