Monthly Favourites: June


Is it just me, or have we now officially had our summer? Those glorious 2 weeks and then a 10 degree drop in temperature and rain. Sounds like a British summer doesn’t it?! Okay sorry to sound grim, I’m going to try to pick you back up now with some lovely summery things related to […]

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The Best Indulgent Healthy Treats


Yes I know that sounds somewhat contradictory but hear me out. Just because something is gluten-free dairy-free, refined sugar free etc, it doesn’t mean you can go out and eat bucket loads. At the end of the day, everything we consume should be in moderation, no matter what is it (unless it’s veg in which […]

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Strawberry and Honey Smoothie


Gotta love these lovely sunny morning we’ve been having lately. When the weather is like this, all I want for breakfast is smoothies. If you read my post about supercharging your smoothie, you’ll see I’ve applied a few of my key principles to this smoothie. Except one main one…there is no veg in the smoothie!! […]

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Five Fun Flaxseed Facts


Gotta love a bit of alliteration. So after reading How Not To Die, I’ve been making a conscious effort to include flaxseed into my diet everyday. I do this mostly at breakfast either by combining flaxseed into my granola, blending it into my smoothies or sprinkling it onto my smoothie bowls or porridge. Just be […]

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