Monthly Favourites: February


Ahhhhhhh March is in sight. To me that means Spring is on the way, which means Summer is on the way…I can be optimistic can’t I?! The weather does seem to be warming up a bit, I’m now only cycling to work in one jumper, waterproof, scarf, headband and gloves (apparently sarcasm is the lowest […]

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Cold Weather Running Essentials


Running throughout the winter months takes some serious dedication as well as a few essentials. It makes that long cold run just a little bit more bearable if you know you will be wrapped up warm to protect you from the elements. There’s a few things that have been my saviour so far in my […]

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5 Ways With: Cauliflower


Let’s face it, cauliflower stinks. It’s just one of those stinky vegetables, but that doesn’t stop me loving it. Inspired by my friend Annie who was asking about a recent photo I posted showing a cauliflower dish, I thought I’d share a post showing you other ways to use this humble vegetable besides as a […]

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Jean’s Kitchen and Wine Bar


I think it’s safe to say we will be frequent visitors to Jean’s. In fact I’d quite like to move in. Ambiance, check. Great food, check. Impeccable service, check. Fishtank, check (oh yes it’s a requirement!). We recently went to Florida on holiday and absolutely loved the laid-back style of the bars over there, but […]

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Post-Long Run Recovery Tips


As if I hadn’t been wittering on about this enough, I have yet another running-related post coming your way! And this time it’s all about the post-long run recovery and the steps I take to make sure I’m fighting fit for the next run. I have to say, there’s some people out there that go […]

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