Monthly Favourites: Janurary

Booja Booja ice cream

Thank god January is coming to an end! I’ve said in a previous monthly favourites post how January is my least favourite month, so I’m fairly glad to see the back of it. Although having said that, it doesn’t feel like it’s been too bad, yes it’s been cold but I feel like its been […]

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Ella Every Day by Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella's pecan pie

I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited for Deliciously Ella’s new book coming out tomorrow!!! It goes without saying I have pre-ordered it and it will land on my doorstep ready for when I walk…no…wait…run through the door (Thursday is a running night). As I’ve reviewed Deliciously Ella’s first book a few weeks ago, I thought I’d review this […]

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TomTom Runner 2 Review


This is actually the TomTom Runner 2 with music and I was lucky enough to have been bought this fitness watch for Christmas. Whilst everyone is getting back into the swing of fitness after a glutenous festive period, I thought it might be useful to review this tech in case anyone was looking to get […]

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Lucy Lucas Yoga

Lucy Lucas yoga

So if it hasn’t become apparent by now, it’s clear that I enjoy yoga and have tried a few different places/teachers in Tunbridge Wells. This area is a great place to live if you enjoy yoga are there is such a wide variety of centres and teachers to try, and with that comes a number […]

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Pizza Express


I know what you’re thinking, ‘a review of pizza on a wellness site?!?!’. And to fair I suppose I am cheating a little bit. Because I didn’t actually order pizza at all! Basically my other half had been out playing rugby all day and by the time he got back he was starving. In fact […]

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