Non-alcoholic Mulled ‘Wine’

Non-alcoholic mulled wine

There’s every chance that by now you’re getting a little bit sick of alcohol. I know I am, I can manage one night and then I’ll be lumped with a three-day hangover which is one of the reasons I don’t drink very much anymore. If I do, it tends with be something clear like vodka, […]

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Monthly Favourites: December

Running around Dunorlan Park in the cold

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!! By the time you read this I will have already helped Dad peel the potatoes, watched Merry Christmas Mr Bean, drank about 3 cups of tea and eaten both portions of my Christmas spiced overnight oats forgetting to save the second portion for tomorrow’s breakfast. But nonetheless it is monthly favourites time and […]

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Have A Healthy HO HO HO!


(I know the picture counteracts a ‘healthy’ Christmas, but this is partly my point…read on). Soooooooo the jolly season is upon us and I think it’s fair to say that we may be starting to feel the pressure when it comes to staying healthy but also being able to enjoy ourselves (hello Dad’s Baileys cheesecake!!). […]

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Calverley Park Ice Skating


It wouldn’t be a festive fitness post without ice skating now would it?! Chances are if you live in or have visited Tunbridge Wells recently you will have seen the wintery blue glow coming from Calverley Park. It is a spectacle to be seen and you can’t help but get into the Christmas spirit when […]

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Christmas Spiced Overnight Oats

Christmas spiced overnight oats

I was thinking to myself the other day what I’m going to have for breakfast on Christmas morning (standard Zoe- thinking about food!) and the result of my experimentation was this. I’m a cinnamon addict anyway but Christmas¬†is the perfect excuse to have it everyday. And the warming mixture of spices in this along with […]

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