Chilli Hot Chocolate


Chilli chocolate for chilly weather eh?! As with lots of my recipes, this recipe was born by accident. I was making my usual post-race smoothie of banana, avocado and cacao powder but decided I would also add in some turmeric powder in the hope its anti-inflammatory properties would help me recover from my half-marathon. On […]

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Cheesy Vegan Kale Chips


Boom! Nailed it! Okay, not to blow my own trumpet but I am so chuffed to have cracked this one. I absolutely love kale chips that you can buy pre-made but have never been able to recreate them. Until now. The key to this recipe is to keep the oven on a very low heat […]

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Things To Do On A Rainy Sunday


I’m looking outside and my first thought is ‘thank god I’m not planning on running today!’ I will actually be heading out to Bluewater today to make a start on my Christmas shopping or at least get some ideas for people (and buying myself a tub or two of Pip & Nut almond butter as […]

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