Monthly Favourites: September


How has September already gone? September is my least favourite month besides January. January goes without saying because the excitement of Christmas is over, the weather is miserable, there’s ages until it starts getting brighter and my birthday isn’t until March (such a bleak outlook isn’t it?!) But I also find September a bit of a […]

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Healthy Eating in Disneyland Orlando


I know this post has no relevance at all to being healthy in Tunbridge Wells which is primarily what I blog about. However, I could have really used a blog post like this before I went to Disneyland as I seemed to find the healthy eating gems in the last few days of my holiday. […]

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How I Cut Back on Sugar


This ain’t no easy ride my friend. Every year for Lent I give up chocolate. However in Feb 2015 I decided I wanted to go whole hog and give up all refined sugar. That meant no chocolate, biscuits, cakes, sweets, seemingly healthy cereals and cereals bars, jarred sauces, cordial, you name it. Why on earth […]

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Favourite Superfood Powders

6. Superfood selection

In order to have a healthy diet, you absolutely do not need superfood powders. You can get amazing energy, great skin, and awesome health from everyday shop bought ingredients, fruits and vegetables. So in a way, this post is completely obsolete! However, I for one am always grateful for a little helping hand and some […]

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Turmeric Latte

Turmeric latte

Okay I admit, I thought this was going to taste like sipping a sweet hot korma. I’d seen turmeric lattes on Instagram and thought it was totally weird. I tried one in Planet Organic and was pleasantly surprised. However not knowing what was in it, I had to guess the ingredients. It tastes like a […]

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