Tiramisu Ice Cream


This was one of those things that I threw together and miraculously worked immediately. That very rarely happens and it took great will power not to eat it all as yoghurt rather than wait 3 hours for it to freeze into ice cream. We knew we were going to be having a BBQ that evening […]

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Monthly Favourites: July


Thank god the sun has finally reared its jolly face. A bit late to the party as its practically Christmas now but whatever! It’s July, the sun is shining and it’s time for a monthly favourites post. The things I include in these posts aren’t necessarily new or exciting but just things I’ve been really […]

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How To Eat For Glowing Skin Workshop


The workshop I’m about to talk about was one I attended at Neal’s Yard in the Sevenoaks branch, however this event is coming to the Tunbridge Wells’ Neal’s Yard on Saturday 30th July for just £5! Interested? Read on my friends, read on… How to eat for glowing skin. Whilst everyone else seems to be […]

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Candied Maple Pecan Butter


This is the ultimate nut butter I kid you not. It also tastes just like Biscoff spread. If you’ve not tried Biscoff spread, I insist you go and get some right now. Or I guess you could read on and make my healthier alternative. I can’t stop eating it. I could go on about the […]

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Clean Eating’s Dirty Secrets


It’s Saturday morning (or it was when I wrote this). I’d normally be heading off to Park Run but I feel a little tired having done a leg session at the gym yesterday and having a glass of wine last night. It’s a little thing I like to call balance. I decided I’d head to the […]

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