Cafe 1809


I know my blog is for food and fitness recommendations in Tunbridge Wells. But if what I’m suggesting is that you get on your bike from Tunbridge Wells and cycle to Hildenborough and you just so happen to treat yourself to lunch at the other end, then that’s okay right? If you read my post […]

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Park Run


This is one of those things that I knew about but just hadn’t got around to trying. I usually do a pump and step class on Saturday mornings which is mainly why I hadn’t tried Park Run in recent times, but before then, I just don’t know why I didn’t try it earlier. It’s brilliant! […]

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Monthly Favourites: May


I’m taking a leaf out of some of my favourite blogger’s posts and thought it might be nice to write a post each month about things I’m loving in health and wellness. So I’m kicking off with May. I’m not starting a fight with someone named May, just to be clear… Exercising outdoors. Sounds silly, […]

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Healthy Horlicks


Now, I haven’t had Horlicks since I was about 7 years old so can’t actually remember what it tastes like… obviously really helpful when I’m calling this blog post Healthy Horlicks!!¬†However, I did create this hot drink yesterday and it immediately reminded me of Horlicks. I tried maca powder on Sunday for the first time. […]

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Nut-Free Lime and Coconut Granola

lime and coconut granola

My best friend and I used to be the biggest rivals, she swears she doesn’t remember! We both went to different middle schools (where I’m from we have a 3-school tier system) and both loved all sports but we were both huge on dancing. We were introduced on one of our first days at high […]

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