My Top 10 Healthy Sweet Snacks


Lets be clear here, I didn’t say low calorie. All too often I feel the word ‘healthy’ translates into current vocabulary as low calorie. It doesn’t. It means nutritious, good for you, will give your body what it needs to thrive. We need calories to live. I hear people often ask ‘is this fattening?’ Yes. […]

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Butter Bean Blondies

Butter bean blondies

I love alliteration. Since it was introduced in English as a means to make your writing better (arguably), I’ve taken it and run off into the wilderness with it. It got a bit silly to the point where pretty much every sentence I wrote had alliteration in it somewhere. It was like I’d just discovered […]

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Pure Gym

Gym- Pure Gym

At first, I didn’t like the concept of this gym. I’d heard that it was open 24 hrs a day, 7 days per week and just thought how is that going to work? What happens if someone injures themselves and there’s no instructors on site? How are they going to govern who can come in […]

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Ramen-style miso bowl


This is the perfect meal to throw together when you’re lacking in fresh ingredients but want something comforting, without resorting to a takeaway. Since Morrison’s has closed in Tunbridge Wells, (it’s been about a week and I’m struggling!), I’ve had to get creative with the food in my cupboards. There’s no just popping out to […]

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